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The Ultimate Click and Grow Smart Garden Review: Which is Best for You?

How exciting would it be to grow fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers all year round… whether you are gardening in an apartment or in the country!? After reading this Click and Grow smart garden review you’ll learn that you can do just that!

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The mission behind the design of the Click and Grow indoor smart garden system is “to bridge the gap between modern man and nature.” The innovative self-watering, plug-and-play design of Click and Grow smart gardens takes all the guesswork out of gardening so that ANYONE can successfully grow their own plants and experience the health and happiness that nature brings. It’s the ultimate way for beginners to learn how to grow vegetables indoors!

When buying a smart garden, you receive a self-watering unit that moderates the exact light requirements needed to grow plants. You then order the types of plants you want to grow and they arrive in pre-seeded soil capsules that you pop into your garden system. Then simply add water, plug in and press start. No mess, no guesswork, it really is as easy as that!

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What You’ll Learn in This Click and Grow Smart Garden Review

In my ultimate Click and Grow smart garden review I’ll compare the six models offered by Click and Grow, giving you all the information you need to determine which model might be right for you and your household. 

Also, I’ll cover the simple click and grow instructions of how to set up your smart garden. Hint: If you’ve ever used a capsule coffee machine then you’re already a pro!

Whether you’re a beginner gardener or have a green thumb, these gardening systems really do take all of the guesswork out of gardening so that anyone and everyone can reap the benefits.

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click and grow instructions

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Click and Grow Instructions

With Click and Grow it’s exactly as it sounds; plug in the unit and let it grow! That’s the perfect summary of the Click and Grow smart garden. And here’s how to get setup in 3 simple steps:

1. Insert the Plant Pods

The Click and Grow plants pods are biodegradable. They have all of the soil and nutrients they need to grow organic, pesticide-free plants at home. 

Remove the packaging from the smart soil pods and insert each into their own plant pod. Cover with the domes which acts as mini greenhouses until germination. These can be removed once the leaves are touching the tops of the domes.

2. Add Water

Next, add water into the water reservoir until the float is level with the top of the unit. This provides enough water for the smart garden to function for at least 2-3 weeks depending on the time of the year and size of your unit.

Keep an eye on it as it will need topping up from time to time.

3. Plug in and Watch it Grow! 

Finally, plug in the unit and wait for the results. The energy-efficient LED lighting will start working its magic and encourage your seed pods to grow. Your new plants consume just a small amount of power till maturity, which can take as little as 30 days.

Compared to other indoor gardening systems like the Aerogarden, the Click and Grow is the only one where you don’t need to add fertiliser to the reservoir. The smart soil pods contain everything they need to make them grow. So this is a definite bonus of this system over others. 

The Click and Grow is not a hydroponic system either as it doesn’t have a noisy pump. This means it’s silent and there’s less maintenance required – no need to monitor nutrients or PH levels.

You can read my a full comparison article on AeroGarden vs Click and Grow here.

Click and Grow gardens are the most energy efficient smart gardens on the market, costing just $0.85 per month ($10.20 per year) to grow 9 pods.

Click and Grow Model Comparison Table

Model Plant pod capacityPower consumption per monthWater tank capacityProduct weightDimensions (w x h x d)Check Price
smart garden 3 review33.8 kWh1.2 l (0.32 US gal)

1.2 kg (2.65lbs)300 mm (1′) x 210..470 mm (8″..1′7″) x 120 mm (5″)Smart Garden 3
smart garden 9 review96.2 kWh

4 l (1.06 US gal)

2.4 kg (5.29lbs)
604 mm (2′) x 396 mm (1′4″) x 184 mm (7″)Smart Garden 9
smart garden 9 pro review96.2 kWh4 l (1.06 US gal)
2.4 kg (5.29lbs)
604 mm (2′) x 396 mm (1′4″) x 184 mm (7″) Smart Garden 9 PRO
smart garden 27 review9 x 318.6kWh12 l (3.18 US gal)47 x 26 x 10,3 inches / 120 x 66,5 x 26,5 cmSmart Garden 27
smart garden 25 review25 x 316.6kWh15 kg (33lbs)29 x 16 x 20.6 inches | 74 x 41 x 52,5 cmSmart Garden 25
vertical wall farm review5157.6kWh35l70kg (154lbs)1348x2021x400mm or 53.1x 79.6×15.7 inWall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden

The Comparison: My Click and Grow Smart Garden Review

In this section, I look at the six smart gardens offered by Click and Grow, the pros and cons of each model, and who they would be best suited for.

The Smart Garden 3: Budget Friendly Smart Garden for Any Indoor Space

Perfect for: The Budget-conscious | Space limited | Those wanting to grow herbs or flowers
click and grow smart garden review of the smart garden 3
Click and Grow smart garden review of the Smart Garden 3

The Smart Garden 3 is the most lightweight model and ideal for growing your favorite flowers and herbs throughout the year. It’s available in three colors: white, grey, and beige. 

With the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3, you get a fully calibrated watering, nutrient, and lighting system for under $100USD. Not a bad price for the chance to grow organic, home-grown, pesticide-free herbs and flowers all year round. 

Once the garden is plugged in and turned on, this is when the light schedule begins (16hrs of light, 8hrs off). So my tip, when you first set up your system, be sure to first turn it on early in the morning so that the 16hrs of light corresponds with your daytime. 

Here, Click and Grow gets it right with easy to use, biodegradable pods and a handy app to offer tips to better your growing experience. At this low price point, Click and Grow is great for people wanting to have a go at growing an indoor garden. 

If you’re looking for an excellent starter model then this is a good option to go for. But be aware that this model is not suitable for growing vegetables, it’s designed primarily for herbs and flowers.


  • The most affordable option (under $100).
  • Includes two lamp extension arms.
  • An innovative, compact indoor garden that fits in any space (even a tiny home!)
  • Has pro-grow lights to regulate the amount of light reaching the plant
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Comes with a companion app to give you a better experience. 
  • Consumes the smallest amount of power that won’t see any significant change in your monthly power bill (uses approx 3.8 kWh per month). 
  • Set comes with 3 complimentary herb pods to get you started.


  • Only suitable for herbs and flowers, not vegetables.
  • Small size limits the volume of plants that can be grown.
  • Small water tank capacity.

The Smart Garden 9: An Upgraded Version of Smart Garden 3

Perfect for: Small Yield Vegetable Gardeners | 1-2 person household
start growing your own fresh food using this click and grow smart garden review

The next step up from the Smart Garden 3 is the Smart Garden 9 with triple the amount of plant space and the ability to grow vegetables as well as herbs and flowers.  

You’ll receive nine complimentary pods in your starter set along with Click and Grow instructions and gardening tips. The compact design is still ideal for most smaller spaces and will help you grow flowers, salads, vegetables and organic herbs without worrying about pesticides and GMOs.

Like the previously mentioned Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9 also comes with the automatic watering feature that is key to offering peace of mind and little ongoing maintenance. And thanks to the pro lights, you will have an easy time regulating the amount of light reaching your garden (automatically runs 16 hrs on 8 hrs off).

This highly innovative design also has multiple color variations so you can choose a garden that best compliments your indoor space. 


  • Comes with the companion app to support your growing experience.
  • Adjustable lamp height.
  • Three color options: white, grey, beige.
  • Energy-efficient power consumption (13W per year).
  • High water tank capacity.
  • Includes a complimentary set of plant capsules: 3x tomato, 3x basil, 3x lettuce.
  • Its size makes it suitable for most urban living situations.


  • More expensive compared to the Smart Garden 3 (Costs over around $230USD).
  • Limited in how many and what type of vegetables can be grown in this size unit.

The Smart Garden 9 PRO: The App-Controlled Version of the Smart Garden 9

Perfect for: The tech lover | People who like to ‘set-and-forget’ | 1-2 person household
start growing your own fresh food using this click and grow smart garden review

The same size as the Smart Garden 9 but with all the bells and whistles that will appeal to the techy gardener!

If you’re looking for an app-controlled, self-growing garden that’s excellent for any home, the Smart Garden 9 Pro is for you. This is the best-selling version of the previously mentioned Smart Garden 9, but it’s much more than just an alternative. As far as simplicity and ease of use go, you won’t find a better indoor gardening option than the smart Garden 9 PRO.

Up until the recent release of the Smart Garden 25, the PRO was the only Click and Grow smart garden with bluetooth connectivity that allowed you to control everything from the Click & Grow app. All of the earlier models use the same app but only for information and tips. The Smart Garden 9 PRO uses the app to turn the grow light on and off and to adjust the light schedule – A very handy feature!

To top it off, this smart garden also has a touch control feature that allows you to swipe over the top of the grow lights to turn them off and on. 

And by the way, the reliable LED system on the Smart Garden 9 Pro will only consume about 6.2 kWh of power every month. That’s better than most units on the market if you compare.

The Smart Garden 9 Pro stands out with its bluetooth connectivity feature making it a very appealing option for the modern gardener. 


  • Bluetooth technology for effortless connectivity. Bluetooth controlled Click and Grow companion app allows complete control of the light schedule using a smart phone.
  • The unique touch control feature lets you swipe the lights on and off.
  • In-app on/off property for hassle-free use, depending on your preferences.
  • Adjustable lamp height.
  • Accommodates up to 9 plant pods.
  • Choose from 50+ pre-seeded Click and Grow plant pod options or use your own seeds.
  • Includes a full set of complementary plant capsules allowing you to grow up to 9 different plants simultaneously.


  • The flashing lights may not be ideal for individuals with known photosensitivity.
  • A heavier package compared to other models.
  • Only available in white.

TIP: For a more consistent supply of fresh herbs and veggies, try staggering your seed pods so that produce doesn’t all come ready at the same time.

The Smart Garden 27: The Best Garden to Grow Food for the Whole Family

Perfect for: People wanting to make their garden a feature | 2-4  person household | People wanting a high yield from their smart garden
click and grow smart garden review of the smart garden 27

The Smart Garden 27 is an all-in-one smart garden for people wanting to make a feature out of their indoor garden and produce a good yield. With a pine frame construction and birch plywood shelves with copper detailing, this garden is designed to be a statement piece of furniture in your home.

The Smart Garden 27 comes with three Smart Garden 9’s that sit on the custom Click & Grow stand. It’s worth noting that you’ll save a few hundred dollars purchasing this system rather than 3 of the Smart Garden 9. 

The plant stand measures about 47x26x10.3 inches, requiring a considerable space at home. 

Compared to the earlier models, this garden is for someone wanting to produce a steady supply of fresh herbs and vegetables to feed their household.

I love this option! I mean, how else would you be able to produce so much fresh produce in the middle of the city? 


  • Free-standing and wall mounted options available.
  • Beautifully designed plant stand made from pine and birch plywood with copper detailing. 
  • 3 color options available: white, grey, beige.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Combines 3 x Smart Garden 9 in one, giving you a high yield of fresh produce all year. 
  • Set includes a felt bag for storing accessories.
  • Includes 9 x Basil; 9 x Lettuce and 9 x Mini Tomato plant pods to get you started.


  • One of the more expensive options.
  • Takes up a lot of space so not suitable for tiny homes or small apartments.

The Click and Grow 25: The Most Space Saving and Energy Efficient Indoor Garden

Perfect for: The energy efficient gardener | Those restricted by space | Fully customisable so can add more later as the size of your household changes | 1-4 person household

So let’s talk about the amazing Click and Grow 25. This is the newest addition to the Click and Grow family (released August 2022) so it’s not surprising that this is the most space saving and energy-efficient model yet.

The first striking feature of this indoor garden is that it comes in different shades of black and white. It might be the second most expensive indoor garden in the range, but the Click and Grow 25 includes some unique features that make it worth the extra pennies. 

It’s not only space efficient but also energy efficient and app-controlled (like the Smart Garden 9 PRO), with the ability to grow continual harvests. 

The Unique Tray System

The Click and Grow 25 has a distinctive tray system where you can remove and replace a tray (there are 5 plants in each tray and 5 trays in a unit) to grow trays at different stages, thus guaranteeing a constant food supply for your family.

The unique tray system in this garden means you can safely and easily remove the entire tray of greens and replace it with a new set of seed pods to ensure a steady supply of produce. Additionally, all greens from the pod will stay intact and can stay fresh for up to a week after harvesting.

If you thought the Click and Grow 25 tray system was neat, then check out the modular functionality!

Start with one unit and later down the track you can add up to two more! As well as have an accessory drawer at the base. This adds height but the footprint of the unit stays the same at just 3.2 sq ft/0.3 sq m. In each module you’re able to grow 25 plants simultaneously, so with three modules that’s 75 plants in 3.2sq ft! 

The Click and Grow 25 is an energy-efficient unit, consuming approx 200kWh annually.

When it comes to practicality, the Click and Grow 25 has a Bluetooth app to relieve any worries you may have about your ability to grow fresh greens.

With this application, you get full control over the garden features, real-time notifications, and the latest tips and updates for maintaining your garden.


  • The tray system is unique to this model and allows for a continual supply of fresh herbs and vegetables. 
  • The units are fully stackable and customisable so you can add more units in the future if you wish to increase your output. 
  • The most energy-efficient unit in the Click and Grow family (200kWh annually which equates to 24$/20€ worth of energy per year ).
  • Two color options: oak wood with white panels or oak wood with black panels.
  • Consumes very little space (3.2 sq ft/0.3 sq m).
  • Supports Bluetooth functionality to give you real-time updates on the progress of your plants.
  • Supports continuous weekly harvests – 5 trays per module, 5 plants in each tray.
  • Grow 25 plants in one unit or 75 in three.
  • Three complimentary starter pack options to choose from.
  • Optional storage drawer at the base to store extra pods and accessories.


  • High price tag.
  • The colour scheme and design may not be to everyone’s taste.

The Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden: Feed the Whole Household

Perfect for: Large families | Restaurants, schools or offices | Those wanting to grow all their produce in a smart garden
click and grow smart garden review of the smart garden vertical garden

If you are serious about growing your own food, then the high-tech Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden is a great option. It might be the last name on our list, but it is one of the most stunning Click and Grow smart gardens. 

Its large size makes this unit very impressive, with a total of 3 shelves stacked with lights and automatic watering. The vertical name denotes its erect shape, accommodating as many as 54 plant pods.

What’s more, the Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden creates a feature that can be beautifully integrated into any indoor space, including grocery stores, offices, schools, and restaurants. Just set it up anywhere and wait for the results. With state of the art technology, you can control the garden’s most important parameters without additional fertilizers or noisy pumps. 


  • 51 growing holes and comes with a whopping 54 plant pods as part of the starter kit. 
  • A beautiful design that integrates well with any environment. 
  • Uses innovative technology to optimize plant growth and nutrient levels. 
  • Requires very little maintenance. 
  • The unit is silent.
  • Uses high-grade LED lights. 
  • It has a large water tank, measuring up to 35 litres. 
  • 3 stackable shelves with watering and lights.
  • No restrictions on the types of herbs, flowers, or vegetables; you can grow them all in this model. 


  • Expensive (over $2,400USD).
  • Consumes the most space out of all the different models. 
  • Unit is heavy (weighs about 70kg).
  • High power consumption (about 57.6 kWh per month)
  • Large size is not modular like the Click and Grow 25.

Final Thoughts: Click and Grow Smart Garden Review

Smart gardens are an exciting way to grow your favorite flowers, herbs, and fresh vegetables at home. The six models mentioned in my Click and Grow smart garden review each have their pros and cons and will suit different people based on their unique situation. Most importantly, they echo the mission behind the innovation of the Click and Grow smart garden system, “to bridge the gap between modern man and nature.” So, if you want to bridge the gap between a busy urban life and nature, I encourage you to give Click and Grow a try.

If you need a compact yet affordable design, we recommend Smart Garden 3, the first name on our list. But if you need a more innovative design with Bluetooth technology that allows you to more or less “set and forget,” the Smart Garden 9 Pro fits the bill.

Everybody raves about the Smart Garden 27, which combines three Smart Garden units into one; and it’s easy to see how it offers great bang for your buck. The vertical wall garden would be the dream if I had the space, but the Smart Garden 25 would have to me my favourite from this Click and Grow smart garden review due to its modular design and incredibly high energy efficiency.

While I could go on and on about the smart garden models, I encourage you to choose a unit that best suits your needs.

Pick your Model

We can all agree that getting the right model is never a one-size-fits-all affair. So, make sure you understand your size requirements, expectations, and budget before making your purchase.

Even then, one thing is certain. When you find the right Smart Garden, you won’t regret it. They’re an excellent way for both beginners and pros to benefit from all the goodness that plants and nature can bring to your home.

Enjoy the best herbs, flowers, and vegetables for your family all year round!

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How much extra in power will a Click and Grow smart garden cost me?

Click and Grow smart gardens are one of the most energy-efficient products on the market, costing just $0.85 per month ($10.20 per year) to grow 9 pods. That’s up to five times cheaper than some of their competitors.

What are the disadvantages of growing plants indoor?

Smart gardens try to take all the guesswork out of indoor gardening, but there are still going to be some factors outside of their control. For example, in the heat of summer, leaving your garden inside a stifling hot apartment while you go on holiday for two weeks will use up the water fast and could result in plants wilting if left for too long. Pets and children are another potential hazard of growing plants indoors. Another factor of course is the space taken up by a smart garden if space is at a premium.

Click and Grow Smart Garden how to use ?

Setup your indoor garden using the Click and Grow instructions mentioned earlier in my post. Your seeds will germinate within 2 weeks and be ready to harvest from day 25 to 35!

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