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My Honest Vertplanter Review – What You Should Know Before Purchasing

“An indoor planter for plant enthusiasts who love plants, but forget to water them” – now that was something I had to try for myself! In this Vertplanter review, I take a look at the pros and cons of this good-looking, 100% natural planter, and see whether it really is as good as it appears.

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What is a Vertplanter-Observer Planter? 

The Vertplanter is a handmade, ceramic hydroponic planter.

The unique design acts as a water bank. The water is held in the ceramic vessel and slowly diffuses through the porous material to the cells on the surface for plants to drink. 

The idea is that the soilless vessel only needs to be filled every 12 days, making it low maintenance and no mess. 

what is a vertplanter. description of what a vertplanter does

Vertplanter Features:

  • Reusable and made from 100% natural materials.
  • The shape and texture of the ceramic provide an excellent surface for roots to grip to.
  • The water slowly diffuses through the porous ceramic, providing a constant water source for plants to grow.
  • Two planting methods – plant seed or bundle your favorite plant to the vessel using string to hold it in place while roots form. 
  • Capable of growing thousands of plants. Practically any plant you find in a pot can grow on the Vertplanter, especially those that grow in a jungle or rainforest that thrive on having a constant water source. This includes orchids, moss, ferns, hoyas, carnivorous plants, microgreens and more. 
  • Very convenient and easy to use. 

My Experience with the Vertplanter 

The clever creators at Vertplanter reached out to me and offered me a Vertplanter-Observer Planter to try for myself. This is my honest Vertplanter review. 

What’s in the Box?

When the box arrived in the post I admit I was a little sceptical. Far from bespoke packaging that typically screams high quality, it was a slightly battered, simple brown box with the customs information on the outside in Chinese. It looked a lot like the cheap products I sometimes purchase off AliExpress. 

However, I shouldn’t have ‘judged the book by its cover’ because I was pleasantly surprised to open the box and find that the Vertplanter itself was well-packed and looked to be of much higher quality than expected. 

what's in the vertplanter box
What was in the box for my Vertplanter review

The Vertplanter comes in three parts – the lid, vessel and base, that once put together, stands 9.2 inches tall and 5.7 inches wide.

Included in the box was also a well-written booklet of instructions on how to set up and what plants to grow.

whats in the vertplanter box
DIMENSIONS5.7inch L x 9.2inch H

Steps on How to Setup the Vertplanter

Although mostly indoor plants, there were a couple of microgreens suggestions. Seeing as this is a vegetable gardening blog, I thought I’d give that a go first!

Chia seeds were my seed of choice as I had some in my pantry already.

1. Spray Vertplanter with water

The first step is to spray the planter with water. I assumed this was to help seeds stick easily.

how to setup your vertplanter observer planter
What’s need to setup the Vertplanter

2. Add Seeds

Secondly, add the seeds. This was the messy part as the previously sprayed water was not enough to hold the chia seeds in place.

Instead, I mixed the seeds with water in a small lid and brushed them against the small diamonds of the Vertplanter. This was a lot more successful and the majority of seeds held in place for me! 

3. Fill Vertplanter with Water

The final step was to fill the planter to the top with water and place the lid on top. 

That’s it!

4. Top up the Water as Required

You may be wondering what the purpose of the base is since the Vertplanter vessel itself has no holes in it other than the top opening.

Well, the best feature of the Vertplanter is the porous nature of the ceramic from which it is constructed. Water diffuses through the porous membrane, supplying a constant water source for plants. Any excess water gathers in the base and can be poured back in and recycled!

In my experience with seeds, it is a good idea to top up the Vertplanter before the water goes below half, otherwise the top sprouts can start to dry out. For plants I imagine this would be a different story. It would be fine to let the water level drop a lot lower.

Daily Progress Photos

What I Didn’t Like About the Vertplanter

Vertplanter says that on average the vessel only needs to be filled every 12 days. This was about right in my experience – I found that the vessel was half empty after a week.

The problem I had was that the top sprouts were beginning to wilt as the water wasn’t reaching high enough for them to absorb it. This wouldn’t be a problem when growing houseplants, but for seeds, you need to fill the water more regularly than every 12 days to avoid this problem. 

The other part I didn’t like so much was the setup phase. Trying to stick the seeds to the surface was a challenge until I discovered soaking the seed first. But even then it was still messy.

It was worth it in the end, but worth mentioning so you can plan to do this part outside or in the kitchen sink. 

What I Liked About the Vertplanter

My favorite part of the Vertplanter is that it has a very visible timeline. Every day I could see new roots forming or new growth from the seeds – it’s fascinating and incredibly fast! 

I also LOVE the look and design of the Vertplanter itself. The 100% natural ceramic material used to construct it, gives it a very earthy, organic look that fits in well with my decor. I’m already looking forward to growing something else…I’m thinking of an orchid or fern next.

I think the Vertplanter-Observer Planter would make a wonderfully unique gift for mom or the gardener who has everything. Practical yet stylish, I am a big fan of eco-friendly gifts that encourage people to start growing (of course!)

Where can I Purchase the Vertplanter?

The Vertplanter Observer Planter is available for purchase at

Final Thoughts in my Vertplanter Review

Overall I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the Vertplanter-Observer Planter after completing my Vertplanter review.

I love the practical, beautiful design of this product and how it is handmade out of 100% ceramic material. 

The design has been well thought through and is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the market. Whether you are an indoor gardener or want to try your hand at microgreens, I would suggest giving the Vertplanter a try. 

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About the Author

Elle Reed is a passionate gardener and advocate for teaching beginner gardeners how to grow their own food. Elle’s mission is to inspire and empower people to get back to basics, grow their own produce, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. “Whether it’s a few herb pots in an apartment, a potager or a full garden plot, we can all ‘start somewhere’ to grow our own food, and in doing so, provide healthier food for ourselves and those we love”.