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15 Perfect Gifts for the Gardener Who Has Everything

When it comes to buying gifts for family or friends, it can be hard. Add to that, finding gifts for the gardener who has everything, and you have yourself a real challenge! 

Fear not! By the end of this buying guide you’ll have found the perfect gifts for the gardener who has everything!

I’ve grouped gifts by price – gardening gifts under $50, under $100 and over $100, so you’ll find something no matter your budget.  

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Under $50 – Gifts for the Gardener Who Has Everything

1. Avocado Vase

Instead of throwing out that retired avocado pip, why not turn it into a natural feature in your home? Witness the life cycle of an avocado tree as it grows!

The sinuously shaped handmade vase magnifies the roots as they grow; creating a unique focal point.

Sure to make a great gift for the gardener who has everything!

2. Wool Nest Starter

This wool nest starter is a thoughtful and functional art-piece for your favorite gardener who has everything.

Each work of art is handmade from welded steel wire. The spheres can then be stuffed with wool pieces, cotton and other nesting materials that birds enjoy picking and making their nests out of.

3. Graphite Plantable Pencils

Who ever thought you could plant a pencil!? These clever pencils look and work like a regular pencil, but have a seed pod in the tip so can be planted and grow herbs once you’re done using them.

100% eco-friendly, sustainably sourced and lead free, each pencil also comes engraved with an encouraging quote. After using them, simply plant them into soil and watch it grow! The perfect gifts for the gardener who has everything. Available in eight different colours and nine seed pods.

indoor garden set laying on a kitchen bench. Everything you need to grow indoor herbs. great gifts for the gardener who has everything

4. Culinary Garden Trio Kit

This easy to grow, windowsill friendly plant selection is a thoughtful gift for avid gardeners and cooks.

This kit contains everything they’ll need to plant their indoor garden. See it sprout within 1-2 weeks and harvest in 2 months.

5. Personalised Garden Stake

These make really neat gifts for the gardener who has everything – unique, rustic and functional!

Personalize this metal stake with two lines of text. Place in a garden, patio or back yard to add a little charm or to stake your patch!

Under $100 – Gifts for the Gardener Who Has Everything

herb rack hanging on a wall. these are great gifts for the gardener who has everything

6. Herb Drying Rack

This gorgeous gift is a hand crafted piece of art that doubles as a herb drying rack. Moreover, each piece of wood is unique, carefully selected and crafted to create a beautiful and practical art piece.

These stylish herb drying rack make great gifts for the gardener who has everything. It doesn’t take up too much space and allows gardeners to dry and display their herbs, flowers or family photos in an organized and sophisticated manner.

personalised garden aprons make great gifts for the gardener who has everything

7. Personalised Garden Apron

The gardener in your life is likely to spend a lot of time out in the garden digging and planting, so why not do it is style!

These garden aprons are perfect for protecting clothes from dirt and stains while still keeping the wearer cool.

Made using high quality cotton and able to be personalised with the recipients name.

8. Traditional Pruning Scissors

Any green-thumbed friend will be sure to love these hand-forged, Japanese-style pruning shears.

Extremely sharp, they’re perfect for collecting herbs and veggie, pruning bonsai or small branches. Best of all they look great!

Beautifully packaged in a multi-functional bamboo gift box. These pruning scissors are made from high-quality carbon steel, meaning the blades will not rust or corrode over time.

More than a utility item, these shears are a beautiful heirloom piece you’ll want to keep forever.

wooden seed saver collection box with hand looking through.  great gifts for the gardener who has everything

9. Wooden Seed Saver Box

For the gardening enthusiast that is into seed collecting, this seed saver box is a must.

This beautiful handmade box is crafted from birch wood with seed separates to categorise seeds by vegetables, herbs and flowers.

With personalization options available, this is a gorgeous gift for gardeners who have everything.

10. Personalized Kneeler

You’d be proud to hang this gorgeous garden kneeler in your mudroom! Stylish, functional and carefully handcrafted using recycled material – this is an all round feel good gift.

These garden kneelers are made using organic water-repellent cotton then filled with a unique cushion made from recycled, reformed, and re-loved pieces of old mattress!

If you know a gardener who spends most of their time on the ground with their hands in the dirt, then this gardening gift is for them!

Over $100 – Gifts for the Gardener Who Has Everything

11. Aerogarden Elite

Aerogardens are the elite of indoor gardening systems. It’s almost impossible NOT to grow plants with these smart hydroponic systems!

Easy to use, Aerogardens are fully automated (telling you when to water, when to feed etc) and come with everything including seed pods in order to get growing right away.

For a full comparison of the various Aerogarden systems, check out my comparison guide.

12. Garden Tower

The most sustainable way to garden, a garden tower uses 90% less water than traditional gardening and can grow up to 20 plants in a space that takes up as much room as a small bookcase. 

A completely unique way of gardening, Garden Towers are ideal for those with space constraints, but are keen on trying out different ways to grow plants indoors.

For the gardener who has everything, this may be one thing they are yet to own!

7 piece gardening tool set sitting on a step outside by herb garden. great gifts for the gardener who has everything

13. Gardening Tool Set (7pc)

When you’re an avid gardener you can never have enough backups of the essentials! This chic gardening tool set contains everything a gardener needs to maintain the perfect garden.

The ergonomically designed tools are made from stainless steel and contain all the essentials: 5-tine hand rake, root weeder, hand trowel, hand transplanter, hand cultivator, and bypass pruner. All beautifully packed in a stylish yet durable 19 pocket canvas tote bag.

14. Living Composter

Not your average compost bin, this worm composting system combines functionality with style.

The living composter makes it possible to observe the process of composting and makes the experience rewarding.

This odourless, biomorphic worm composter transforms organic waste (about 2 pounds per week) into fantastic fertilizer by mimicking nature.

A practical and stylish gift for the gardener who has everything.

15. Brass Windowsill Watering Can

A work of art or watering can? It’s both!

A stunning gift that is sure to get compliments! The high quality brass finish gives this watering can an antique look that will make you feel like royalty when watering your plants.

The snug base fits perfectly on a windowsill and the spout has an adjustable flow.

Summary of Gifts for the Gardener Who Has Everything

Finding the perfect gifts for the gardener who has everything is hard – I know! In this gift guide I have selected a variety of items at various price points to make shopping easy. 

Sustainable, eco-friendly and unique are all considerations I used when selecting each gardening gift idea. 

I trust this gift guide has been helpful in finding that special gift for the gardener who has everything! 

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