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Indoor Gardening

Ultimate Guide to the Best Things to Grow in Aerogardens

Everyone loves fresh, home-grown food. But what if you don’t have the time or space to grow it? Aerogarden’s indoor gardening system is a new device that can change all of that! In this post, I’ll cover the best things to grow in Aerogarden; from herbs, salad and even small vegetables.

With and Aerogarden’s indoor gardening system you can grow delicious vegetables and herbs in your own kitchen with minimal effort!

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The Best Things to Grow in Aerogarden

Learning to grow vegetables indoors and gardening in an apartment are growing trends as we change the way we live. Smart gardens are the ultimate solution to the rise in small space living.

Top 3 Things to Grow in an Aerogarden for Each Category

Leafy GreensHerbsSmall VegetablesDwarf Fruit Varieties Flowers
1. Spinach1. Basil 1. Cherry tomatoes 1. Strawberries 1. Petunias
2. Lettuce varieties 2. Mint 2. Peppers 2. Miniature cucumbers2. Marigolds
3. Kale3. Parsley3. Eggplants3. Mini watermelons3. Pansies


Salad is a great thing to grow in an Aerogarden. It has so many benefits for your health and you can enjoy your favourite greens all year round!

There is nothing better than a nutritious and delicious, salad on a hot summer day. The good thing about growing your own salads in the Aerogarden is that you can grow them throughout the year and they will never go bad –  all you need is the appropriate lettuce pod kit.

Aerogarden offers salad greens mix seed pod kits with green and red lettuce leaves, Romaine and Butterhead. These plants grow to a medium height of 12″ and are ideal for the Aerogarden. 

If you are growing lettuce, be sure to harvest it before the leaves get too big. This will ensure that your plants keep producing more fresh greens. 

These plants grow very quickly and you can enjoy your salads in just a few short weeks!

Leafy Greens

Equally, spinach and kale are just as easy to growing in Aerogarden as they are in an outdoor vegetable garden. Grow these nutritious leafy greens for an added boost to your cooking all year round.

plate of salad is one of the best things to grow in aerogarden


You can also cultivate microgreens, which are basically greens in the seedling stage. Microgreens have a lot of nutrients and flavour, so you can grow them right next to your veggies. They can even be used as a garnish on top of soups and salads or to add some more flavour into an otherwise bland meal. 

The AeroGarden microgreen seeds include broccoli, purple kohlrabi, arugula, Tokyo bekana Chinese cabbage, red cabbage and red Russian kale. For those looking to get into healthier eating habits, microgreens are one of the best things to grow in Aerogarden systems.


Learning to grow fresh herbs is a great way to add flavour and depth to any dish. Growing them in the Aerogarden is very easy since they grow well indoors year-round.

AirGrow provides seed pods with gourmet herb seed ready to plant, made specifically for AeroGardens. The best part about growing herbs in an Aerogarden? You can get multiple harvests from just one seed pod!

Next to salad greens, herbs are probably one of the best things that you can grow in an aerogarden. Herbs don’t grow too big, so they are perfect for the Aerogarden. Plus, there is nothing better than fresh herbs, ready to pick on your countertop!

Aerogarden Seed Pod Kits

The AeroGarden kit includes seed starting kits for many herbs and veggies including sweet Bell Peppers, Basil, Parsley, Dill, Chives, Thyme and Mint.

Basil and Dill are taller plants, so place them in the back of your AeroGarden. Chives and Mint are shorter plants, place them at the front of your AeroGarden. Thyme and Parsley grow to a maximum of 12”.

When deciding what to grow, it makes sense to choose herbs that you use the most then plant such Aerogarden gourmet herb seed pods together in the AeroGarden.

Having fresh herbs on hand can be a lifesaver when cooking, and they are so easy to grow. The pre-mix herb Aerogarden seed pods are ideal for you if you use the Aerogarden Sprout or Aerogarden Harvest system (ideal for smaller systems). Compare the various models in my Top Aerogarden Comparison Guide.

basil is one of the best herbs to grow in an aerogarden

You can also cultivate a salsa mix in your Aerogarden. A pre-seeded pod mix containing Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato pods and Jalapeno Pepper Seed Grow Pods can be planted together in your AeroGarden. They grow at similar rates and should be ready to pluck when you’re ready to make your salsa!

Italian herbs like Genovese Basil, Italian Parsley, Oregano, Savory, Thyme, and Mint are favourites. Growing them in your AeroGarden is easy and you can have fresh herbs on hand at all times.


Of course, you can’t forget about veggies. Everyone loves fresh tomatoes and chillies right out of the garden! You don’t have to settle for store-bought when you can grow them in your own kitchen with an Aerogarden – want fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter? Now you can!

Tomato plants, eggplants, and peppers are some of the best veggies that you can grow in an Aerogarden.

When growing tomatoes indoors, you can opt for multiple varieties of cherry tomatoes such as the Heirloom Cherry, Mega Cherry and the Golden Harvest Cherry Tomato. AeroGarden’s cherry tomato seed pack and the heirloom cherry tomato pack are two of the best things to grow in Aerogarden systems all year round.

Fresh home grown tomatoes ripening on the vine. Tomatoes are great when growing vegetables indoors for beginners

Large Vegetables

The Fairy Eggplants grow to become as large as your palm and have a very tasty fruit. They are not too seedy or bitter and can be readily roasted or grilled. It is crucial to note that eggplants grow taller and are ideal for the AeroGarden Bounty and Farm models.

Growing an eggplant requires a little more monitoring than other Aerogarden plants. However, with the liquid plant food and water monitoring system in place, the task becomes manageable. Make sure that the grow lights do not touch your fruit to avoid accidental burns.

For more on maintenance and cleaning your Aerogarden, take a look at my article on Aerogarden maintenance.

Along with eggplants, miniature fruit varieties like miniature cucumbers, mini watermelons and strawberries, are all possible to grow successfully in an Aerogarden. Imagine being able to enjoy fresh strawberries and watermelon in Winter!


Last but not least, there is a whole range of flower pods that you can grow in your AeroGarden.

The flowering mix pod includes English Cottage Flower and Mountain Meadows. For those who love to garden for the flowers as much as the food, these are very easy-to-grow plants with lots of colours.

Final Thoughts: Best Things to Grow in Aerogarden Systems

Aerogardens are great for growing fresh vegetables and herbs right in your own kitchen with minimal effort! In this blog post, I covered some of the best things to grow in Aerogarden systems so you know exactly what to buy. Whether you’re cultivating salad greens or harvesting microgreens, the Aerogarden Seed Pod kits will ensure you’ll be enjoying fresh greens in a matter of weeks.

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