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Aerogarden vs Click and Grow – Which is the Better Garden?

Which is the better indoor smart garden? In this smart garden comparison the battle is on for Aerogarden vs Click and Grow!

Options for indoor gardening and gardening in an apartment have become more and more necessary with changes in the way we live and where we live. This is where technology has stepped up in a massive way.

Indoor smart gardens are revolutionary; bringing a convenient and efficient way of growing fresh herbs and vegetables right on your kitchen counter! Many of us struggle with ever-changing weather and limited space, not to mention not knowing where to begin when it come to gardening. To combat all of this, indoor garden systems are a great alternative if you want an easy and convenient way to grow your own food.

To help you decide which brand to go for, I’ve put together this comprehensive comparison review of AeroGarden vs Click and Grow. These two models have similar price points, features, and styles, but which one is better?

Comparison of the Various Aerogarden and Click and Grow Models


For a comprehensive overview of the different Aerogarden indoor smart gardens, including their pros and cons, check out my Aerogarden buyers guide.

Models range from the smaller Aerogarden Harvest Elite, Aerogarden Bounty Elite right through to their biggest model, the Aerogarden Farm 24 Family.

For the sake of this comparison article I am comparing one of Aerogarden’s most popular model, the Aerogarden Harvest.

Click and Grow

Likewise, Click and Grow have a full range of models that you can learn more about in my Click and Grow buyers comparison guide.

They also have small indoor herb gardens like the Smart Garden 3, right up to their Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden.

For this comparison I am comparing the closest to the Aerograden Harvest which is the Smart Garden 3.

AeroGarden vs Click and Grow

AeroGarden and Click and Grow are top brands of innovative indoor smart gardens. Both have a soilless system that uses hydroponic technology for growing vegetables and herbs indoors. These indoor smart systems feed and grow plants using LED grow lights and automated watering tanks.

While both have impressive functions and features, a newbie or aspiring grower needs to know which one is right for them.

Let’s start with a little overview of these products…

Click and Grow products are made in Estonia and were developed by Matias Lepp in 2009. His idea for smart indoor gardening started after reading a NASA article! There are 6 models of Click and Grow. These models can grow between 3 to 51 plants at one time.

AeroGarden is currently the top indoor garden system in Canada and the United States. This product is an initiative of AeroGrow International, which has had a significant investment from gardening company Miracle-Gro. Aerogarden officially launched back in 2006.

AeroGarden Harvest is the most popular AeroGarden model and the Smart Garden 3 for Click and Grow. Both are comparable in size and features and so these are the two models I will be comparing in my review.

Aerogarden vs Click and Grow Features

FeaturesAerogarden HarvestClick and Grow Smart Garden 3
Dimensions10.5 x 6 x 17.49 x 4.9 x 12.5
Weight6.13 pounds3.52 pounds
Number of PlantsUp to 6Up to 3
Power SourceElectric cordElectric cord
LED Light Wattage20 watts8 watts
Automatic Light TimerYesYes
Color OptionsBlack, White, Sage greenWhite, Beige, Gray
Number of Plant Pod Options3775
Growing SystemActive low-flow aeroponicsPassive wick hydroponics

lifestyle image of click and grow vs aerogarden

To continue, I compare eight key aspects of these two indoor smart garden systems. Since AeroGarden and Click and Grow have quite similar features, I will elaborate on each feature individually and judge a winner for each.

1. Cost of Indoor Garden System

The line up of indoor smart garden kits from AeroGarden and Click & Grow include smaller countertop models as well as large floor models. The pricing for each smart garden model is listed below. Please note that these prices are intended to be an indication rather than a set price as prices will vary.

AeroGarden ModelsPriceClick & Grow ModelsPrice
Sprout (3-Pod)From $99.95Smart Garden 3From $139.95
Harvest (6-Pod)From $164.95-$249.95Smart Garden 9From $229.95
Bounty (9-Pod) From $345.95-$495.95Smart Garden 9 ProFrom $289.95
Farm 12 (12-Pod)From $699.95-$819.95Smart Garden 27From $599.95
Farm 24 (24-Pod)From $819.95-$1,049.95Click & Grow 25From $799.95
Wall Farm (51-Pod)From $2,899.95
Price per plant slotFrom $28-$68 (varies)Price per plant slotFrom $22-$57 (varies)

The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 and the AeroGarden Harvest are the two most popular models. There has been a rise in demand for larger indoor gardening systems like the AeroGarden Bounty and the Click & Grow 9 PRO, both of which can be kept on a standard kitchen counter without taking up too much room.

The AeroGarden Sprout is the least expensive option at its current price point of just under $100. However overall, Click and Grow is the most cost effective when comparing price and the number of plant pods.

WINNER: Click and Grow

2. Plant Selection & Cost of Pods

Which brand offers the best value for money for AeroGarden vs Click and Grow? Both brands offer a wide selection of pre-seeded plant pods at a comparative price point.

From both Aerogarden and Click and Grow there is the option to purchase refill seed pods with mixes or one type of herb or plant (such as basil plant pods). AeroGarden also offer herb garden kits and mixes such as salad greens, as well as themed herb garden plants such as ‘Italian mix’. Both companies also offer ‘grow your own’ options where they sell the pods and you add the seed. This is a good option for growing plants you want that they might not offer in their seed range.

With the AeroGarden pods, you may choose from 20+ premade variety packs or make your own. More than 70 plant pod varieties are available now from the Click and Grow collection, and a bespoke subscription plan is also available.

AeroGarden vs Click & Grow: Plant Pod Comparison Table

AeroGarden Plant PodsPriceClick & Grow Plant PodPrice
3-Pod Seed KitFrom $13.953 Plant PodsFrom $9.95-$12.95
6-Pod Seed KitFrom $16.95-$17.959 Plant PodsFrom $23.95-$29.95
9-Pod Seed KitFrom $21.95-$22.959-Pod Mix PackFrom $23.95-$29.95
12-Pod Seed KitFrom $29.9554-Pod Mix PackFrom $99.95-$129.95
24-Pod Seed KitFrom $45.95
Price Per Pod$1.91-$4.65Price Per Pod$1.85-$3.32

Take note that manufacturers change their prices, either by having them on sale or through promotions. So, I recommend checking their websites for price updates. Click and Grow in particular regularly run promotions.

WINNER: Click and Grow

Do Click and Grow pods work in Aerogarden?

Not usually, however a very smart person has designed this simple solution of a compatible conversion kit to enable Aerogarden pods to work in both Click and Grow and Aerogarden systems.

3. Lighting System

The light output of these two products is bright as this is needed to grow your herbs and vegetables. However, this could be an issue if you don’t like bright lights at night.

To solve this, put your smart indoor gardens in an area where it won’t disturb your sleep. A popular place is often in the kitchen or living area.

aerogarden vs click and grow comparison on lighting system


The Click and Grow smart garden has an 8-watt LED lighting system vs. the AeroGarden Harvest that has a 20-watt LED lighting system. Although both of these smart gardens are energy efficient, ultimately the Click and Grow has lesser energy consumption while achieving the same result. The AeroGarden consumes 2x to 3x more electricity because of the stronger LED lights and because it uses an electrical water pump.

AeroGarden vs Click and Grow Electricity Consumption Table

AeroGardenkwh/monthClick & Growkwh/month
Sprout 3-Pod13W, 6.0 kWh/monthSmart Garden 38W, 3.8 kWh/month
Harvest 6-Pod23W, 10.7 kWh/monthSmart Garden 913W, 6.2 kWh/month
Bounty 9-Pod48 W, 22.3 kWh/monthWall Farm110W, 53 kWh/month
Farm126W, 58.6 kWh/month

According to US Energy Information Association, in the USA the average cost of residential power in November 2021 was around 14 cents per kWh.

Using this data, the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 will run for roughly $0.53 USD per month while the AeroGarden Harvest will operate at approximately $1.50 USD per month. Although both models have relatively modest overall monthly costs, the AeroGarden will require approximately three times as much electricity as the Click & Grow.


Click and Grow LED lights function in a modular setup, which is a great feature. If your plants are growing taller, you can add a second extension. With two extensions, you’ll get 10.2” of plant height.

While the AeroGarden Harvest features an adjustable arm that can be lifted to 12” tall. The Aerogarden is therefore able to accommodate taller plants.


AeroGarden and Click and Grow both operate on an automatic timer. Once the garden is plugged in, the light schedule begins (16hrs of light, 8hrs off). So it’s a good idea to try and coordinate the day to your daytime. The first time you turn it on, switch it on early in the morning.

WINNER: Click and Grow

4. Produce Yield

AeroGarden vs Click and Grow…which produces a higher yield? Based on the comparison table earlier in this article, you’ll see that Click and Grow can grow three plants at a time. Great for growing some of your favourite herbs but too small for vegetable plants like tomatoes.

The AeroGarden Harvest can hold six plants, twice as many as the Click and Grow. So at relatively the same price point, you get a higher yield with AeroGarden. You’ll be surprised at some of the plants you can grow in an Aerogarden!

WINNER: Aerogarden

5. Noise

AeroGarden is a hydroponic system meaning it uses a water pump to move the water and nutrients (in the water) around the system. Because of this small motor, there is a low amount of noise.

On the other hand, Click and Grow does not require a motor for its passive wicking system and therefore is silent.

AeroGardens have the benefit of aerating and adding oxygen while Click and Grow gardens have the advantage of fewer moving parts and no operating noise.

WINNER: Click and Grow

6. Watering System

The watering system for the AeroGarden consists of a reservoir and a water pump that circulates the water in the unit’s base to supply water to the roots of the plant. To oxygenate the water and prevent it from becoming stagnant, the pump runs automatically for 5 minutes every 25 minutes.

Initiating the pump manually is another option. When a refill is necessary, the water indicator will turn red.

water system for smart garden 3

The Click & Grow also features a sizeable water tank that waters plants automatically. To help plants get water, the seed pods have a long wick at the base that draws water from the water reservoir up into the plant pod. This is a completely passive process which eliminates the need for noisy motors.

A floating indicator that rises and falls in response to the water level controls the flow of the water. You can tell when the base needs to be refilled by the floating water indicator.

The Click and Grow is quieter than the AeroGarden because there is no pump inside the base and therefore less things that could break or need maintenance.

DRAW: Click and Grow & Aerogarden

7. Soil

Click & Grow employs a unique soil called ‘Smart Soil’ packed with fertilizers, while AeroGarden’s hydroponic system uses sponges that are packed with Sphagnum Peat Moss.

Both mediums are designed to give the plant the ideal quantity of water, nutrients, and oxygen to grow.

However, in AeroGarden you need to add additional fertilizer into the water tank whereas Click and Grow is an ‘all-in-one’.

All 16 essential macro and micronutrients for plant growth and development are provided by AeroGarden fertilizers. Usually about once a month the indicator says when the fertilizer needs to be added to the water reservoir. A ratio of 4mls of liquid nutrients per gallon of water will provide a healthy boost of nutrients for your plants.

WINNER: Click and Grow
Easter click and grow sale

8. Control Panel & Connectivity

The Click and Grow control panel has a sleek design, with just a red light to indicate when water needs to be added.

The AeroGarden has a touchscreen display with backlit buttons to control the LED light and alert you when water or fertilizer needs to be refilled. Connecting the AeroGarden to your home network is a breeze thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The AeroGarden app allows you to manage and keep tabs on your garden no matter where you are by simply using your smartphone. The free app sends you helpful notifications when your plants are low on water or nutrients.

So if you are interested in tech and all the bells and whistles, Aerogarden wins hands down.

WINNER: Aerogarden

Who Wins the AeroGarden vs Click and Grow Comparison?

So based on this comprehensive review, who is the overall winner…AeroGarden or Click and Grow? Let’s take a look at the final leaderboard:

The Click and Grow vs Aerogarden Leaderboard

Best Value for Money for the Initial Garden CostBest Height Adjustment System
Best Plant Selection & Lowest Cost of PodsBest Produce Yield
Most Efficient Lighting SystemBest Control Panel & Connectivity
Best Watering SystemBest Watering System
Best Soil Technology

Taking the title by just one category, the overall winner of the best indoor smart garden is…Click and Grow!

Summary: Who is the Aerogarden and Click and Grow Best Suited to?

When it comes to power and wattage, both smart gardens produce the same results but with varying output. The AeroGarden has stronger LED lamps than the Click and Grow, with only 8 watts. Even the sprout, the smallest AeroGarden model, has 10 watts. Therefore, Click and Grow is more energy-saving than AeroGarden.

For the watering system, the Aerogarden’s water pump is more sophisticated and performs a better job of keeping water fresh and circulating it around the tank. However this does come at the cost of a little extra effort and noise.

My opinion is that Click and Grow gardens are perfect for entry-level growers looking for a no fuss gardening solution. You can read more about the various click and Grow gardens in my article – The Ultimate Click and Grow Smart Garden Review: Which is Best for You?

AeroGarden on the other hand is a great option for those looking for a little bit more. Great for people who would like more sophisticated tech and connectivity. Have a read of my Ultimate Aerogarden Comparison: Pros and Cons of the Top Aerogardens to know which model would best suit your growing needs.

Both AeroGarden and Click and Grow indoor garden systems are fantastic options for growing herbs and vegetables indoors. Excellent for beginner gardeners or people limited by space.

So really, if you’re looking for a fail proof way to grow food anywhere, you can’t go wrong with your choice!

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