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14 Unique Gifts for Organic Gardeners You Never Thought Off

If you’re looking for gift inspiration for your green-fingered friend, I can help! In this article I’ve collated some of my favourite gifts for organic gardeners that they’re unlikely to already own.

Whether your budget is under $50 or maxed out at $100, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your organic gardening friend or family member by the end of this gift guide.

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Under $50 Gifts for Organic Gardeners

1. Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

If you’re looking for a gift outside the box, this is it!

Salvaged from recently felled trees, these logs are planted with organic mushroom spores which in 6 weeks will yield their very own mushroom harvest! Better yet, with the right care they’ll be able to continue harvesting every 6 weeks for up to 3 years!

microgreen growing kit. Gifts for organic gardeners

2. Microgreens Growing Kit

These easy to grow microgreen kits are perfect no matter the level of gardening experience. Self watering and easy to plant, they’ll sprout in just 7-10 days! Enjoy the nutrient benefits of these small but mighty sprouts in everyday dishes.

The growing trays are designed to fit nicely on a windowsill and the grow mats are organic, compostable, and 100% plant-based.

gardening journals make great organic gardening gifts

3. Gardening Journal

Help take the guesswork out of gardening with this practical yet beautiful gardening journal. Offering support through every season with practical tips, guides to growing, notes & planting calendars no matter which hemisphere they’re in.

Made from recycled paper with a beautiful cloth bound cover, this makes a lovely gift for organic gardeners.

glow and grow candle for organic gardening gift ideas

4. Glow & Grow Candle Kit

This sustainable soy wax candle not only smells divine but ‘lives’ on long after its light burns out… Because included in this gift are organic-non GMO seeds and all the necessities needed to turn this candle into a planter!

Choose from 3 gorgeous scents and seeds.

wildpressed flower mugs make great gifts for organic gardeners

5. Pressed Wildflower Mug

Bring the garden indoors with these beautiful handcrafted stoneware mugs by artist Colleen Huth. Pieces of clay are pressed with real flowers then crafted into these beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts.

Perfect for the gardener and tea lover in your life. Organic in nature and design!

organic vegetable growing kit

6. Organic Veg Kit

Another great organic gardening gift idea that will suit any level of gardening experience.

This organic seed starter kit contains everything needed to start growing vegetables at home. Includes 12 different organic seed varieties and 12 pots and soil disks.

seed saving kits make great gift ideas

7. Seed Saving Kit

A gift for the ultimate greenie…waste not, want not with this well organised seed saving kit.

Experience the joy of harvesting, preserving and growing your own seeds with this all-in-one seed saving kit. Includes organising envelopes and seed tins, date and variety labels, so they’ll never accidentally grow the wrong plant again.

Under $100 Gifts for Organic Gardeners

heirloom seed saving kits

8. Heirloom Seed Kit

Give the gift of food…lot’s of food, with this survival seed bank.

Each kit contains over 30 different varieties and over 5,000 seeds! These non-GMO, non-hybridised seeds can be harvested and stored repeatedly to become the gift that keeps on giving.

personalised cooper tools are great Gifts for Organic Gardeners

9. Personalised Copper Tools

Finally! A gardening set that is as beautiful to look at as it is to use! These luxury gardening tools are of the highest quality – leather hooks, a solid ash handle and ergonomic design are just some of the features.

Add that special touch of personalisation and you have yourself the perfect gift for organic gardeners!

vegetable marker stones are great personalised cooper tools are great Gifts for Organic Gardeners

10. Vege Marker Stones

For a fun, unique gift idea, try this set of colorful vegetable garden markers.

Sweet yet functional, these markers with help by reminding them what they planted! Choose from a variety of handpainted designs.

the gardeners box is a great gardening gift idea

11. The Gardener Box

A beautifully curated gardening themed box, this gardener gift is a real treasure!

It includes a notebook, slate markers, wildflower seeds and clippers, as well as soap, a candle and a beautiful mug so they can relax and unwind after a long day in the garden.

click and grow smart garden 3

12. Indoor Smart Garden

If you’ve ever tried to find the ultimate fail-proof gardening system, look no more! These indoor smart gardens make growing herbs and vegetables as easy as making a Nespresso coffee – seriously!

Perfect for any countertop or indoor space, just plug and go! Find out more about the various models in my full Click and Grow Review.

bokashi composting bucket

13. Bokashi Composter

Create compost in less that half the time of a conventional compost bin! A bokashi bin is an odorless indoor composting systems that uses beneficial microbes to ferment leftover food waste.

An excellent way to recycle waste in urban households.

thal gardening shears make great gardening gifts

14. Gardening Shears

From snipping parsley to clipping roses, these gardening shears will do the trick. Handmade by artisans in Thailand, they’re crafted with stainless steel blades and Pradu wood handles.

Packaged in a Thai cloth bag, they’re ready to gift to your organic gardening friends!

Choosing Gifts for Organic Gardeners

When choosing the best gifts for organic gardeners; recyclable, GMO free, compostable and green were all important factors I took into consideration when curating this list.

I trust my buying guide has been useful in taking the hard work out of shopping for your green-fingered friends!

Whichever gift you choose, I’m sure it will be received with much love and appreciation.

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