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5 Perfect Oregano Companion Plants & What to Avoid

Transform your oregano garden into a harmonious oasis of growth and flavor with oregano companion planting. Discover the top five ultimate oregano companion plants that can take your garden to new heights, along with the plants you should avoid. In this article, we’ll unveil the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your oregano plants through careful selection of their perfect plant partners. Get ready to supercharge your oregano haven and elevate its magic with companion planting!

Summary of How to Grow Oregano

Let’s get started on how to grow oregano before we explore oregano companion planting. 

Oregano is a hardy herb that thrives in bright sunlight and well drained soil. Whether you are starting with seeds or transplanting, minimal maintenance is required to keep your plants healthy and productive. 

Remember to water regularly and pick or prune occasionally for optimal growth.

Best Conditions for Growing Oregano

Best ClimateOregano thrives in dry and hot climates. For optimal growth, choose well draining soil rich in nutrients with a pH level of 6.5 to 7.0.
Plant Spacing8–10 inches (20-25 cm) 
Planting Depth1/4 inch (6mm)
Time till HarvestThe oregano plants reach maturity 80-90 days after sowing seeds. However, you can begin to harvest leaves in as little as 6-8 weeks.
Life cyclePerennial

Best Oregano Companion Plants

Now that we have a basic understanding of oregano cultivation let’s explore its perfect companion plants.

basil growing in the garden, makes great oregano companion plants


Basil is a perfect oregano companion plant. Apart from sharing the same growing conditions, they also complement each other in terms of flavor and fragrance. Basil’s aromatic leaves can discourage pests from bothering oregano, while its tall and bushy nature can protect oregano plants from excessive heat. 

Sage natural green leaves, great for oregano companion planting


Oregano and sage are two herbs that make great herb garden companions. These herbs share similar growth habits. Sage’s strong scent is known to repel pests while adding a lovely texture and visual interest to your garden. 

Integrating these two aromatic herbs together will create a harmonious and vibrant herb bed for your garden’s enjoyment.

Fresh thyme growing in the garden, thyme makes great oregano companion plants


Thyme and oregano are natural companions in the garden because they belong to the same family. When thyme’s aromatic leaves release essential oils, they enhance the flavor of neighboring plants such as oregano. And when it comes to culinary purposes, this duo is unbeatable. 

Just imagine the delightful aroma and taste that they bring when used together in your favorite recipes! 

cabbage are great for oregano companion planting


Cabbage and oregano make great companions in the garden. While cabbage is often plagued by pests, planting it near oregano can act as a natural insect repellent. 

Oregano’s strong scent deters common pests that would otherwise harm cabbage plants while its sprawling growth habit provides shade to conserve soil moisture  benefiting the cabbage crop. 

rosemary is great for oregano companion planting


Oregano companion planting with rosemary is an excellent choice. They both thrive in similar soil and sunlight conditions, with rosemary’s fragrant aroma repelling many common garden pests. 

Additionally, the tall and upright nature of rosemary perfectly complements the low growing oregano, creating a beautiful and functional herb garden.

Worst Oregano Companion Plants

Oregano thrives well alongside most plants, but there are a few companions that should be avoided. Below are the worst companion plants you should steer clear of when growing oregano.

lettuce growing in the vegetable garden, lettuce are not great oregano companion planting


Lettuce and oregano are not good plant companions as they have different growing needs. Oregano is a herb that can sprawl wide and thrives in full sun, while lettuce enjoys cooler temperatures and partial shade.

Planting them together may cause competition for resources such as nutrients, water, and space which can impact their growth and health negatively. It is recommended to separate these plants to allow each one its ideal environment for optimal individual growth.

collards are not great oregano companion planting


Collards and oregano have different growing requirements. While oregano thrives in well drained soil, collards prefer moisture-retentive soil. Additionally, collards can grow quite large and overshadow the smaller oregano plant, impacting its growth negatively. 

Close up of green mint plant growing in the vegetable garden, mint are worst oregano companion plants


Mint is known for its quick spreading nature, which can make it an excellent ground cover in some cases. However, it also has the potential to suffocate nearby plants such as oregano if not carefully contained. Thus, mint should be planted in isolated areas or containers to avoid dominating other herbs that prefer a less invasive companion.

chives are not great oregano companion plants


Oregano and chives, although related, have different growing habits and requirements. While oregano thrives in space where it can access sufficient resources for healthy growth, chives tend to spread too fast and take up valuable room. This leads to overcrowding that negatively affects the health and productivity of your oregano plants. 

Raspberries don't make good neighbors with oregano


Raspberries are certainly a tasty treat to grow in your garden, but they don’t make good neighbors with oregano. You see, raspberries have large root systems that compete with oregano for nutrients and water. In fact, raspberry’s need for more shade and moisture can stunt the growth of your precious oregano plant. So, if you want your herbs to thrive and avoid any nutrient deficiencies, it would be wise to keep them away from those pesky raspberry plants.


Can oregano be planted with tomatoes?

Definitely! Oregano and tomatoes are natural companions that complement each other perfectly. They work together by deterring pests and enhancing flavor.

Are strawberry and oregano companion plants?

Oregano and strawberry plants are perfect companions in a garden. Oregano provides natural pest control and enriches the soil with its aromatic properties, whereas strawberries attract pollinators and contribute nitrogen to the soil. These drought tolerant plants do not require much watering to thrive.

What can I plant next to oregano?

Some of the best oregano companion plants include herb counterparts basil, sage, rosemary and thyme, making them a good addition to a dedicated herb garden patch.

What not to plant with oregano?

Raspberries and mint don’t make good oregano companion plants due to their sprawling nature. Lettuce and collards also make the list of worst oregano companion plants due to their different growing needs. 

Can you grow oregano with other plants?

Oregano can be grown alongside basil, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, and tomatoes. Oregano can also be grown with parsley, sage, cilantro, cabbage and peppers, as they are compatible plants that complement each other in the garden.

Can oregano be planted with other herbs?

Yes, oregano can be planted with other herbs. Basil, thyme, rosemary, and sage are some compatible companions for oregano in herb gardens or containers.

Are basil and oregano companion plants?

Basil and oregano are excellent companion plants. They share similar growing conditions and complement each other’s flavor and fragrance. In addition, basil’s aromatic leaves help discourage pests from bothering oregano.

Final Thoughts on Oregano Companion Planting

Maximizing the health and productivity of your oregano is easy with oregano companion planting. Simply select the right oregano companion plants to create a thriving ecosystem where each plant benefits the other.  When you incorporate companion plants into your garden, not only do they add visual interest, but they also attract good insects and repel pests. This ultimately enhances the overall health of your garden.

Happy planting Potagers!

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